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Hiking in the nature park

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There is plenty to see and discover in the Tiroler Lech Nature Park! That is why we have prepared some hiking suggestions for you.

As a nature park region, we attach particular importance to our well-developed bus connections. It is possible to explore the nature park without your own car. The train connection to Reutte is also uncomplicated and also possible with the Bayernticket. The WÖFFI project was developed together with the other Tyrolean nature parks for travel by public transport.
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Hiking in the nature park

Wildlife watching in Fallerschein

This hike leads to the wildlife observation stand in the Alpe Fallerschein. Here you can observe the majestic red deer in its natural habitat without disturbance. An imposing natural
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Photo: Robert Earthman
Hiking in the nature park

Shovel fortress castle head

After a one-hour comfortable hike, you will be rewarded with a unique view of the Tiroler Lech Nature Park. The entrance to the hike is directly at the Klause. If you are with children
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Photo: Paul Dirr
Hiking in the nature park

The Celtic Tree Circle

Vilser tree trail

The Celtic tree calendar originated 2000 - 3000 years ago. The Celts assigned special properties and powers to the tree species and related them to people.
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Photo: Thomas Tetzner
Hiking in the nature park

Lady's Slipper Area in the Martinau Meadow

The shoe that comes out of the flower

"The shoe that comes out of the flower" - the shoe-shaped flower gives the plant this name. This orchid is a sensitive species and loves semi-shady riparian forests. In Europe's largest contiguous
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Photo: Mario Posch
Hiking in the nature park

Wild river landscape near Forchach

The Tyrolean Lech is unmistakable!

It is the last wild river in the northern Alpine region and, as the "last wild one", shows largely natural dynamics in its wide riverbed with mighty gravel and rubble banks. River arms verz
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Photo: Sergio Salvemini
Hiking in the nature park

Herbal walk

For families, groups, clubs

Meadow sage, bloodroot and field thyme - the plant world in the Tyrolean Lech Nature Park is famous for its extraordinary variety of herbs. As early as the Middle Ages, medicinal herbs were used in folk m...
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