Tyrolean Lech Nature Park

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Exhibition "The Last Savage" open daily from August 1, 2023

The exhibition is open daily from 10:00 - 16:00 and inspires with exciting insights into the significance of the wild rivers. Discover the diversity and get to know one of the last "wild ones", the Lech, in more detail.
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The nature park house Klimmbrücke currently closed

Due to the bridge damage, the Klimmbrücke Nature Park House is not accessible for the time being.
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Our weekly events from May

Discover the nature park with our nature park guides:
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to the nature park Tiroler Lech

The film presents the nature park work around the protected wild river landscape of the Tyrolean Lech. It also takes up white water sports and informs about regulations during the breeding season. Together we can help to preserve this special habitat for its inhabitants, but also for us humans as well as for further generations. Let us inspire you!
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News from the nature park

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Welcome to the nature park
Tiroler Lech!

The last wild river landscape in the northern Alpine region.

The Nature Park Tyrolean Lech,makes it easy for its visitors - without arduous ascents, everyone can immerse themselves here in a very special world - the last wild river landscape in the northern Alpine region.

The Tyrolean Lech is unmistakable! It is the last wild river in the northern Alps and, as an alpine wild river, it is still allowed to do over long stretches what every mountain river was allowed to do long ago - to spread out and shape its own course under its own power. In its wide riverbed it stages itself anew again and again. Branches of the river branch out and unite. Stones from its side valleys are constantly being redeposited to form mighty gravel banks. What is really constant is the constant change. Vast alluvial forests, clear spring lakes and the mountain world of the Allgäu and Lechtal Alps belong to the most beautiful and primeval landscapes of the Alps. Discover the treasures of our nature and our culture.

The Nature Park House

Klimmbrücke with its unique location

The Klimmbrücke Nature Park House with its unique location on a bridge over the Lech River near Elmen immediately catches the eye when driving through the Lech Valley. Visit us and overlook the vastness of the Tyrolean Lech Nature Park from the Klimmbrücke Nature Park House.
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What is a nature park

Valuable nature & cultural landscapes

Nature parks are valuable natural and cultural landscapes that can be decreed as protected areas by nature conservation departments of the federal states. They offer a unique and special diversity of landscapes, which are characterized by an interesting wealth of animal and plant species as well as significant biotic communities. In addition to natural landscapes, cultural landscapes that have been shaped by the interaction of man and nature over time are maintained and preserved.
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The Tyrolean Lech Nature Park Association

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The Nature Park Tiroler Lech is a registered association. In addition to private individuals, all 24 nature park municipalities, the two tourism associations Nature Park Region Reutte and Lechtal, the Province of Tyrol - Dept. of Environmental Protection, the Association for Regional Development Außerfern, the District Chamber of Agriculture Reutte and the WWF Tyrol are members of the Association Nature Park Tiroler Lech.
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Rules of conduct

for a nature-compatible coexistence

The Tyrolean Lech Nature Park is a piece of breathtaking nature with impressive landscapes and invites you to relax and discover. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the wild river landscape and find peace and relaxation during a hike through the unique nature! The nature at the Tyrolean Lech is very valuable and under protection, therefore we ask you to (act) environmentally friendly and nature-friendly and to take the following requests with you on your way:

carry in - carry out

Please do not leave waste in nature and dispose of your waste properly. This way you contribute to intact ecosystems and food chains, free from contaminants such as pollutants, microplastics, etc.

Protection of animals and plants

In the nature park animals and plants are under protection. Therefore, please do not remove natural materials, animals, mushrooms and plants. Thus, the diversity and natural beauty remains a pleasure for all visitors to the area.

Camping and storage

Please use the designated camping sites in Reutte, Vorderhornbach and Häselgehr. Camping and camping of any kind are prohibited.

Nature without engines

Please observe all no-driving signs and avoid operating motorized vehicles off public roads. Use public transportation whenever possible!

Fire making only in designated areas

Campfires are not allowed in the protected area. Open fire is a source of danger for people and nature, please use the designated barbecue areas available for this nature experience.

Dogs on a leash

Dogs must be kept on a leash throughout the protected area. In this way, please avoid disturbing the endangered and protected nature, which dogs perceive as natural enemies.

Listen, not make noise

Enjoy the peace and soothing sounds of nature and avoid unnecessary noise. In this way you will be considerate of other recreationists and wildlife.

Use marked paths

Please stay on the marked trails!

No flying machines

Flying over the protected area with aircraft such as drones is not permitted without an official exemption.

Please do not enter the gravel banks during the breeding season from the end of April to mid-August!
In this way, contribute to the protection of ground-nesting birds such as sandpipers and little ringed plovers. People and dogs are among the biggest disturbance factors for the protected bird species.

Thank you very much!