Nature exhibition
"The Last Savage"

Naturpark Ausstellung der letzte Wilde

Nature exhibition The Last Savage


The interactive exhibition provides information about the special features of the wild river and takes visitors on a journey along the river: past gravel banks, side valleys, through alluvial forests and to unique animals and plants that find their last habitats on the wild Lech. 

The exhibition provides exciting insights through objects and media. A film, for example, impressively takes a bird's eye view and shows the flight over the Lech, from its source to its fall in Füssen. A flow model illustrates the hydrological processes and talking stones tell of their geological origins and special features.
To discover all the inhabitants of the wild river habitats, you occasionally have to look and listen very closely. Then a fascinating living world opens up with amazing adaptations, connections and uniqueness. Thus, the exhibition leads from the entire network to the smallest details of the impressive wild river.  

The Lech is one of the last wild rivers in Central Europe. Therefore, its protection is of the highest value - for the preservation of the entire river ecosystem and for us humans.

In the exhibition, young and old will get to know, experience and understand the river.



The Café and restaurant "Der letzte Wilde" welcomes you in the same building and provides you with regional delicacies. 

Opening hours:
daily 10:00 - 22:00
Wednesday & Thursday day off

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