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Lechlaus introduction


Let yourself be inspired by the rushing Lech water and drift along to the unique habitats of the wild river.
Fascinated by the wildness, diversity and beauty of the nature park, the podcast is a journey along the Lech. In pictorial language, it conveys impressions, encourages dreaming and reflection, and incidentally also expands the fund of knowledge about the Tyrolean Lech Nature Park.

The origin of the Lech

Lechlauschen Episode 1


Clear, cold mountain water gushes forth from small springs, takes its course and soon becomes a raging torrent. This episode tells of the idyllic origin of one of the last wild Alpine rivers and leads into the mountain world of the Northern Limestone Alps.

River water

Lechlauschen Episode 2


The luminous turquoise of the Lech, which looks like it has been worked on many postcards, is truly captivatingly beautiful! This luminous blue has its reasons, which this episode reveals, diving into the play of shapes and colors of the river water.

Riparian areas

Lechlauschen Episode 3


The different water masses of the Lech constantly transform the bank areas. The water washes up material and carries it away again, deforms and shapes... With its dynamics, the river is a real landscape artist.
The episode is about these habitats and invites you to linger for a short time in thought on the banks of the Lech and also to marvel at the diversity of the stones.

Gravel banks

Lechlauschen Episode 4


The gravel bars are the heart of a wild river; in straightened rivers they hardly exist anymore. Yet they are important and very special habitats to which survival artists have adapted. This episode tells of life under extreme conditions.

Side streams

Lechlauschen Episode 5


The water of the Lech does not only come from its source, the Lech spring area, but also flows in from all the numerous side valleys of the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps. Viewed from above, the Lech as the main axis with its many side tributaries is a large river network.
In one of the side valleys takes this episode, - lit by the setting evening sun.

Riparian forests

Lechlauschen Episode 6


Riparian forests are part of an intact river landscape, are characterized by flooding and change, and are full of life!
This episode introduces the different types of riparian forests and shows the important role they play in a river landscape.

Well water

Lechlauschen Episode 7


Fountain with water? No, not quite. Fountain waters are small streams away from the main stream that serve as nurseries for numerous animals. Here, the young can develop until they are ready for wild life.

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