The office

A managing director, deputy managing director and a protected area supervisor (nature reserve Vilsalpsee, nature reserve Ehrwalder Becken, protected landscape area Wasenmöser) are currently working for the association. They take over the function of nature park supervision and the promotion, support and implementation of projects in the field of nature conservation, research, education, recreation and regional development.

Isabella Hilti, MSc.

Managing Director 664 4168466

Nora Schneider, MA.

Deputy managing director 664 4168465

Mag. Caroline Winklmair

Protected area supervisor 43 676 9780136


Our rangers are out in the field, know the area well and provide information about the special features of the protected area, because the wild river habitat of the Tyrolean Lech is unique. They point out the special protected assets and take care of the compliance with the related protection regulations and rules of conduct (link to rules of conduct). Only together can we ensure that the Tyrolean Lech is preserved as a natural jewel with its richness of species.

Nature guide:inside

11 nature guides are currently active for the association.
Our nature guides take over guided tours and thus enable adults and children to experience nature intensively in the Tiroler Lech Nature Park.
HIer it goes to the guided tours.

The Board

The board of the association consists of 11 members. The mayors of the municipalities Elmen, Pflach, Elbigenalp and Reutte, the district chief, a representative of the Province of Tyrol / Department of Environment, a representative of the WWF, the chairman of the District Chamber of Agriculture Reutte, the chairmen of the tourism associations Nature Park Region Reutte and Lechtal, a representative of the Regional Development Außerfern form the board of the Nature Park Tiroler Lech.


Let's preserve together this natural jewel

The team of the Nature Park Tiroler Lech is happy about its 5 volunteers. Our volunteers actively support us in looking after the Nature Park House during the summer season and help with environmental construction sites, such as the removal of the green balsam (Impatiens glandulifera), pasture maintenance on the Moosberg or the clearing of the habitats of the dwarf bulrush (Typha minima). Would you also like to volunteer with us?

The team at Tiroler Lech Nature Park takes inclusion and social participation seriously. That's why we also want to reach out to people with disabilities to volunteer with us."
Nature Park Jobs