Nature Park School

Bringing the nature park into the schools and the children into nature - for this the nature park works closely with the nature park schools. Experiencing, understanding and respecting nature is part of every nature park school and thus part of the children. The guiding principles and learning objectives of the nature park schools are coordinated with the tasks and objectives of the Tiroler Lech Nature Park. Excursions, nature days and expert visits to the schools are on the annual program, as well as further training for teachers on various topics. In this way, the students and teachers develop a particularly intensive relationship with nature and especially with their environment, the Tiroler Lech Nature Park.

How to become a nature park school?

If you would like to become a nature park school in the Tiroler Lech Nature Park, please contact the management of the nature park and find further information on the homepage of the Association of Austrian Nature Parks. Together, the steps are taken to the predicate to the nature park school.
Criteria for a Nature Park School [*.pdf].