Nature park school Elmen

Award for the Nature Park School VS Elmen!

Since 2016, the elementary school Elmen is the first of three nature park schools of the Nature Park Tyrolean Lech. Recently, there was great excitement and hectic activity, as the evaluation was imminent. The criteria set by the VNÖ (Association of Nature Parks in Austria) were checked.


In accordance with the mission statement and the learning objectives of the Nature Park School VS Elmen, which deals, among other things, with environmentally friendly and responsible action in the Tyrolean Lech Nature Park as well as with the unique habitats and animal and plant species worthy of protection, numerous activities were set. Together with the Tiroler Lech Nature Park, many exciting excursions and lectures were organized and held. Highlights included a visit to the nature exhibition " Der letzte Wilde" near Reutte, the excursion to the lady's slipper area in Martinauer Au and the insight into the LIFE Lech project. The students were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of wildlife, amphibians and beekeeping. Together, the Nature Park School VS Elmen and the Nature Park Tyrolean Lech were allowed to set up a nature park corner in the school as well as a scent trail in the outdoor facilities of the Nature Park House Klimmbrücke. A colorful program of advanced training was also offered for the teachers. The topics of the Tyrolean Lech Nature Park, geology, the alluvial forest and the LIFE Lech project were on the agenda.


The auditor who carried out the evaluation found that the criteria were met to the fullest satisfaction. She thanked for the great commitment of the principal and the great offer from the Nature Park Tiroler Lech. The director of the Nature Park School VS Elmen Simon Walch said about this success: "This makes us incredibly proud! It fills us with great joy that we have met all the criteria in the evaluation of the nature park school to the highest extent. This is a confirmation of our work." The Association of Nature Parks of Austria sent the recertification certificate to the school with a hearty congratulations. The nature park team would also like to join in the congratulations and looks forward to continued good and constructive cooperation!

Letters from readers

The students of the Elmen Nature Park School regularly write letters to readers for the newspapers. We are also allowed to show the valuable mail on our homepage:


Message in a bottle for Bluatschink

The students of the Nature Park Elementary School Elmen have written a letter for the "dear Mr. Bluatschink"... or may we call it a statement of support? Dedication and commitment are clear!


Action day with the nature park

When the nature park comes to school...

...necks stretch and explorers' eyes light up!

The first of the now 3 nature park schools in the protected area has been conveying the values of the Tiroler Lech Nature Park for years under the leadership of Director Dipl.-Päd. Walch Simon, BEd. Together with the office and nature educators from the association Natopia, several action days are held annually for the children.

This time Yvonne Markl, deputy managing director of the Tiroler Lech Nature Park, personally visited the 20 children in Elmen.

In addition to many colorful pictures of the Tyrolean Lech, there were riddles to solve, finds to marvel at and many, many questions to answer. The LIFE Lech project as a measure against flood protection and for the promotion of habitat diversity was also explained.

"The closeness to nature is particularly remarkable! There are real nature experts among the children. Some parents can still learn something from them," Yvonne tells us after the morning at the school.

© Photos: Simon Walch

On behalf of the BLUE PLANET

'We have a very beautiful nature, a treasure that we must take very good care of. But our blue planet is suffering! How will this end for all of us?'...

...ask themselves pupils of the nature park school Elmen and have therefore written down their concerns: In four open letters they demand from the Federal President and the governor to stand up and act.

The children's concerns are expressed crystal clear. The great suffering caused by increasing natural disasters must come to an end! Forests should remain a habitat for animals and serve to clean the air! A sustainable solution is needed for plastic waste and toxic waste!

The elementary school girls feel a strong connection to the Tiroler Lech Nature Park and are also concerned about its condition. For example, they actively campaign for the preservation of the unique landscape with trash collection campaigns.

The commitment of eight- to ten-year-olds is remarkable. Go ahead and read the letters and feel inside yourself. Perhaps you will also wonder what kind of world we live in, where children take care of the disposal of contaminated sites so that they, too, have a chance at a planet worth living on?


Biodiversity Day 2018

OnMonday, 28.05.2018 it was finally time. The Nature Park School VS Elmen visited the lady's slipper area Martinauer Au. Wolfgang Köck from the mountain rescue team Elmen-Pfafflar guided the students through Europe's largest contiguous lady's slipper area in the Trockenau forest. What makes the lady's slipper special? Why do so many lady's slippers bloom in this area? These are just a few questions that were addressed during this morning.

What the students have experienced, they have recorded in reports:
" Report Janosch Schnabel
" Report Isabell Mair

The students were thrilled when they got to see the lady's slipper splendor. Klara Friedle, Isabell Mair and Kilian Friedle were delighted with the bloom:


VS Elmen very big in the Toni Times

The pupils of the Nature Park School VS Elmen learn in and from nature. How this works, you can read in the Toni Times from 01 October 2017: