Wild river landscape near Forchach


Hiking in the nature park
Difficulty: easy

Wild river landscape near Forchach

The Tyrolean Lech is unmistakable!

It is the last wild river in the northern Alpine region and, as the "Last Wild One" , shows largely natural dynamics in its wide riverbed with mighty gravel and gravel banks. River arms branch and unite. Stones from the side valleys are constantly being relocated and transported by the Lech water. The truly permanent feature of the "wild river" habitat is its constant change.

These threatened habitats and the adjacent intact floodplains are particularly valuable and worthy of protection. Botanical and zoological rarities increase the value of this area. You might discover the German tamarisk, the spotted snare-shrike or even the Bluatschink! What makes a wild river? What special animal and plant species can you marvel at in this habitat? Would you like to learn more about the heart of the Tiroler Lech Nature Park? Then we would like to invite you to our hike "In the realm of the last wild".

In addition to play elements and a public barbecue area, the visitor:inside staging at the Forchach suspension bridge conveys information about the wild river habitat and the LIFE Project 2 with its redynamization and species protection measures, which will be completed in 2022.

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