The Celtic Tree Circle


Hiking in the nature park
Difficulty: easy
Best season: Spring - Autumn
Start and end: Car park at the sports field of the city of Vils
Walking time: 1 - 2 hours
Tour itinerary: Circular trail - walk back to the road bridge over the Vils - along the Vils upstream to the Celtic tree circle and back
Height difference: 0 m
Route type: Hike suitable for children

The Celtic Tree Circle

Vilser tree trail

The Celtic tree calendar originated 2000 - 3000 years ago.

The Celts assigned special properties and powers to the tree species and related them to people.

The Celtic Tree Circle in Vils consists of 22 different tree speciesto which human characteristics were assigned.
Through the respective Date of birth can be used to find out which tree and character traits are attributed to one. However, the connection between tree and human being has not been proven until today.

The Celtic Tree Circle or also "Vilser Baumlehrpfad" is also intended to deepen knowledge about native trees in a playful way.

In the immediate vicinity of the Celtic tree circle is a Viewing platform and offers the opportunity to see the river-dwelling Bird species on the Vils can be observed.

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