Vilser Lände

Published, on 25 September 2022
Project status: completed
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Vilser Lände

In the north-east of the town of Vils on the border with Germany is the Vilser Lände between 805 and 975 m a.s.l. The Vils represents the southern boundary of this area. The Vilser Lände is an area of Small-scale (54.2 ha), heterogeneously structured areawhich encompasses a wide range of different habitats.

The area is strongly influenced by the construction of the Vils. In addition to intensively used agricultural or forestry areas, one also finds Water meadows, grey alder stands, sedge meadows or low moor litter meadows. Due to various causes, there have been repeated changes in the water level in this area over the past decades. Some areas have fallen dry, so that they are cultivated moderately intensively.

On the slopes, there are mostly mixed forests dominated by beech. Occasionally there are grazed, afforested or fallow extensive meadows and rough grasslands.

A management plan was drawn up for this area worthy of protection. This describes management options that are necessary to preserve the special habitats and species.