Cross-border species and biotope protection

Published, on 25 September 2022
Project status: completed
Nature conservation project
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Cross-border species and biotope protection

Successful conclusion and basis for the future

On 5 October 2021, the four nature parks Ammergau Alps, Nagelfluhkette, Karwendel and Tiroler Lech presented the completed Interreg small-scale project "Species conservation without borders" in Scharnitz, which is intended to serve as a common nature conservation basis for more intensive cross-border cooperation in the future.

As part of this project, existing information and work from the four nature parks was collated and technically elaborated by the environmental office coopNATURA in connection with various workshops. This resulted in the following nature conservation work.

Project content

The nature parks on both the Bavarian and Tyrolean sides have been committed to the protection of species and biotopes for years and have already implemented many measures as a result. The Interreg project will enable cross-border cooperation in order to have a technically sound basis for joint species and biotope protection measures in the future. The exchange of existing knowledge as well as results and experiences from previous projects will be incorporated.

The aim of the cross-border project is to preserve biodiversity in the Northern Alps. It emphasises habitats and species for which all nature parks share responsibility. Measures, plans and activities of the nature parks will be harmonised via the

The two companies exchanged ideas with each other through networking, ultimately focussing on cross-border added value.

This small-scale project serves to intensify cooperation between the nature parks, which in turn forms a basis for future joint Interreg projects.

Key data on the Interreg project "TIR 21 Cross-border protection of species and biotopes"

Short title of the project: Species protection without borders

Subtitle: Prioritisation of existing information as a basis for future nature conservation management

Lead: Karwendel Nature Park

Project partners: Ammergau Alps Nature Park e.V. (PP2); Nagelfluhkette Nature Park e.V. (PP3); Tiroler Lech Nature Park (PP4)

Project period: Short project 01.01.2021 to 31.08.2021

Total planned costs: 21.000 €

Approved funding: 15.750 €

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