Wild river Lech

© Mario Posch

Wild river Lech

The Tyrolean Lech is unmistakable! It is the last wild river in the northern Alpine region and, as the "last wild one", shows largely natural dynamics in its wide riverbed with mighty gravel and gravel banks. River arms branch and unite. Stones from the side valleys are constantly redeposited and transported by the Lech water. This bedload transport is a defining characteristic of a wild river landscape.

The truly permanent feature of the "wild river" habitat is its constant change. Low temperatures, little plankton and a high content of minerals, together with sunlight, result in the striking light blue-turquoise color of the water, a trademark of the Tyrolean Lech. Rainfall and heavy thunderstorms can change this beautiful color within a few hours. Muddy, brown, the Lech then rolls through the valley!
During floods the Lech shows itself wild and impetuous. And can carry up to a hundred times more water in summer than in winter at low water level.


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