In the realm of the last savage


Guided hike
Difficulty: easy
Duration: ~ 2.5 hours
Equipment: Weatherproof clothing, sturdy shoes, rain and sun protection, drink
Costs: on request
Route length 3.4 km
Altitude 43 m

In the realm of the last savage

For families, groups, clubs

You have never experienced it like this before! Without arduous ascents, you immerse yourself in a very special world - in the last wild river landscape in the northern Alpine region.

The Tyrolean Lech is unmistakable! It is the Last wild river in the Northern Alps and over long stretches still does what every mountain river was allowed to do long ago - spread out and shape its own course under its own power. In its wide riverbed, it stages itself anew again and again. Branches of the river branch out and unite. What is truly permanent is the constant change. The wide floodplain forests and the mountains of the Allgäu and Lechtal Alps in our nature park are among the most beautiful and primeval landscapes in the Alps.

Discover plants and animals that are almost unique to us. Orchids, alpine alluviums, colourful pebbles and rare birds -. true rarities are waiting for you!


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