The Tiroler Lech Nature Park at a Glance

Since 2000 the Tiroler Lech has been a member of the Natura 2000 European network of ecological reserves. The two regulations – the flora-fauna-habitat & the bird protection regulation – are the basis for the Natura 2000 area and serve to secure the wide variety of species by preserving natural habitats and the wild animals and plants. 

Four years later the area became a Nature Park by decree and was appointed as being a nature preserve by the Department for Environmental Protection of the province of Tirol. This protective order aims at safeguarding the fauna and flora and the inanimate nature as well as preserving the natural and cultural landscapes.

der Fluß Lech im Lechgtal eingebettet zischen Sträucher, Bäumen und Bergen

The Tiroler Lech Nature Park lies in the Northern Limestone Alps and is embedded between two majestic mountain ranges - the Lechtal Alps in the south-east and the Allgäu Alps in the north-west. On an area of 41.38km² the nature reserve essentially comprises the Lech wild river with its floodplains and forests, its most important feeders and parts of the mixed mountain forests. The Tiroler Lech Nature Park is the biggest connected nature reserve in the valley-area of Tirol and its unspoilt area is mostly shaped by the Lech wild river. The nature park stretches from an altitude of 800m to 1,380m.

Having arrived from the province of Vorarlberg and having entered the province of Tirol, the Lech river flows for 62km in a west-north-eastern direction through the nature park until it reaches the German border in Vils/Pinswang where it then leaves Austria. In relation to its size, the nature park stretches a long way across external borders.

Nature Park Area

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