Nature Exhibition

"Der letzte Wilde" – The Last Wild River – Experience – Marvel – Understand”

What makes the Lech river to Füssen so special?
Why is the Lech river the last wild river in the northern Alps?

Solve the riddle by building your own river. Embark on a journey through time and listen to how the colourful pebbles of the Lech river tell their own unique story. Leaf through a book of photos of times long gone, and listen to stories from people who have actually witnessed these changes. Rise into lofty heights and feel free as a bird, which glides across the width of the Tiroler Nature Park with its lightness and enjoys the picturesque view.  Listen to the amazing singing power of the natterjack toad and to the calls of the Daubenton’s bat. Or embark on a safari into the floodplain jungle and undertake a breath-taking search of nature’s tracks.

You can discover this and a lot more in the nature park exhibition called “Der letzte Wilde”. Be captivated by the dynamics of this nature exhibition and dive into the realm of the “last wild river” daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

More information is available at the Ehrenberg castle ensemble at tel.: +43 5672 62007 or in the exhibition flyer.

“Der letzte Wilde” nature exhibition
Klause 1, 6600 Reutte
+43 5672 62007 (Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble)

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  Nature Exhibition Museum – Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble COMBI-TICKET: Nature Exhibition + Museum
Adults €5.50 €8.00 €10.80
Adults with Guest Card €5.00 €7.50 €10.00
Children (5 - incl. 15 years) €3.00 €4.20 €5.80
Family ticket: 2 adults and children €12.80 €19.00 €25.50
Ritter Rüdiger Rallye   €2.00  
Pupils, students, seniors, apprentices, 15+ years €4.40 €6.50 €8.70
Groups of adults, 10+ persons €4.40 €6.50 €8.70
Pupils in class €2.50 €3.50 €4.80
Guided tours up to 20 persons, package price   €45.00  
Ehrenberg search for the sword   €5.80  
Schlosskopf treasure hunt   €5.80