Correct Behaviour

The Tiroler Lech Nature Park is an area of breath-taking nature with impressive landscapes and it invites people to recreate and to discover the nature. Be captivated by the beauty of the wild river landscape and find peace and recreation on a hike through this unique nature! 

The nature surrounding the Lech river in Tirol is precious and under protection, therefore we ask you to treat nature environmentally sound and gently. We ask you to please follow the following requests:

Icon Hand gibt Müll in Rücksack

Please do not leave rubbish behind! Set a good example, the next guests will be grateful!

Icon Mensch hat Herz für Pflanzen und Tiere

Pease let your fellow men and women also enjoy the view of the protected plants and animals. Please do not take any nature materials or animals (flowers, bushes, animals …) back home.

Icon durchgestrichenes Zelt - Campieren verboten

Please do not camp in the nature reserve. Use the public campsites (Reutte or Häselgehr)!

Icon durchgestrichene Fahrzeuge - Fahrverbot für Autos und Motorräder

Please adhere to all driving bans and avoid operating motorised vehicles off public roads. Please use public transport if possible!

Icon durchgestrichenes Zündholz - Verbotsschild offene Flammen

Please do not light fire and refrain from using undesignated BBQ spots!

Icon Hund an der Leine

Please take your dog on a leash and thus avoid the disturbance of endangered nature with its fauna and flora!

Icon durchgestrichenes Radio für Lärmvermeidung

Please avoid noise and be considerate of other relaxation seekers and our wild animals!

Icon Fußabdruck auf Weg

Please stay on marked trails!

Last but not least we would like to ask you not to enter the precious gravel banks and biotopes during the breeding season of endangered birds (end of April – mid-July). Avoid disturbance or destruction of habitats and breeding places.

Thank you very much! 

The Tiroler Lech Nature Park would like to thank you for your understanding and for your help in protecting the wild Lech river.