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Welcome to the Tiroler Lech Nature Park!

The Tiroler Lech Nature Park makes it easy for its visitors – everyone can immerse themselves into this special world – the last wild river landscape in the northern Alps -  without any strenuous uphill climbs.

The Tirolean Lech river is incomparable! It is the last wild river in the northern Alps and is still capable of doing what every alpine river used to be able to do a long time ago, which is to use its force to regulate and pave its own course.

Within its wide stream bed it repeatedly restages itself, with arms branching off and reuniting. Stones from its course create continuously changing and mighty gravel banks. Its only consistency is that it is continuously changing.

Wide floodplain forests, clear outlet lakes and the mountain world of the Allgäu and Lechtal Alps create one of the most beautiful and pristine landscapes of the Alps. Discover our nature’s and culture’s treasures.

About us

Persons behind the Nature Park.

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Brief Outline

A brief outline of the Tiroler Lech Nature Park with all important points.

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What is a Nature Park?

Nature parks are precious natural and cultural landscapes.

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Our Nature Park

  • Size: 41.38km² 
  • Length: 62km
  • Altitude: 800m to 1,380m


  • Last wild river landscape in the northern Alps
  • Cabinet of Rarities
    • rare & partly endangered animal and plant species
  • Natura 2000 area
  • Important Bird Area

There are

  • people, who preserve the landscape and value their homeland
  • 24 nature park municipalities
  • 11 management boards
  • 1 CEO
  • 1 assistant to the CEO
  • 1 person in charge of the nature reserve
  • competent nature guides

Nature Reserve Categories:

  • Natura 2000 area
  • Nature reserve area
  • Nature Park