SpeciAlps 2

Published, on 25 September 2022
Project status: ongoing
Nature conservation project
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SpeciAlps 2

Visitor management in alpine pilot regions

The need of many people to seek balance and relaxation in nature is constantly increasing. This is of course very positive for people's health, but it also puts pressure on many landscapes. In order to maintain a balance between recreation and nature conservation, visitor management is essential. The project SpeciAlps 2 has set itself the task of raising awareness for the protection of nature and landscapes in Alpine regions and developing visitor guidance measures for this purpose. These should make it possible to combine the experience of nature with environmental protection and bring the diversity of animals and plants closer to everyone, whether guests or locals, who are looking for recreation in nature.

The international SpeciAlps 2 project from CIPRA International and Alliance in the Alps - the network of municipalities started in November 2020 and was looking for four pilot regions in the Alpine region that are already dealing with the topic of visitor guidance or want to do so in the future in order to jointly develop solutions for selected challenges and already implement certain steps. Three international project meetings were organised for this purpose.

SpeciAlps 2 builds on the results and findings of the project "speciAlps" - Discover, preserve and pass on cross-municipal natural diversity in the Alpine municipalities on.

The pilot regions are:

Tiroler Lech Nature Park (A), Steiner and Sanntal Alps (SL), the mountaineering village of Balme (I) and Bad Reichenhall (D)

Term: November 2020 until December 2022

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