Moss Mountain

Published, on 25 September 2022
Project status: completed
© Anton Vorauer

Moss Mountain

The south-facing Moss Mountain lies in the Nature park community Weißenbach. It is part of the Natura 2000 and Tiroler Lech nature reserve and extends between 900 and 1,140 metres above sea level.

In the past, the Moosberg was traditionally farmed and grazed. The open meadows and pastures in particular were important breeding grounds for ground-nesting bird species such as whinchats and skylarks. It was also home to red-backed shrikes, tree pipits, carmine finches and various other bird and bat species.

After grazing was no longer profitable in the 1960s, the slope became increasingly overgrown with forest. The populations of the rare and protected animals declined rapidly. The slopes have been cleared again in recent years. Now there are sheep, goats and horses on the Moosberg. They keep the pastures open. With success, as the populations of rare birds and insects are increasing again.