White forest hyacinth

Habitat: Riparian forests
Plant species: orchids

White forest hyacinth

The white wood hyacinth(Platanthera bifolia) was named Orchid of the Year by the Arbeitskreisen Heimischer Orchideen (AHO) in 2011.

As a habitat, this orchid prefers calcareous soils, sparse deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests, forest edges, rough grasslands, heaths and fens.
The stem of the White Forest Hyacinth grows 20 to 50 cm tall and has two lanceolate leaves above the base. Further up the stem, one to four small leaves can be seen. The greenish-white flowers of the richly flowered spike bear a spur up to 4 cm long.

The fragrant sweet scent of the forest hyacinth is particularly strong at night. This scent attracts nocturnal butterflies, which can reach the nectar in the spur with their long proboscises.
The White Forest Hyacinth is protected according to the Tyrolean Nature Conservation Ordinance 2006 and is listed there among the fully protected plant species.

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