Spotted snail cricket

Habitat: Wild river LechDry oak forestRiparian forests
Class: Insects

Spotted snail cricket

A buzzing sound, red wings and she's gone again!
If you walk through the dry floodplain forests along the Tyrolean Lech in July, you may encounter it. The Spotted Flycatcher(Bryodemella tuberculata) is so well camouflaged with its gray-brown body color that it can only be seen at second glance. But when you get too close, this species of grasshopper shows what makes it special. With a loud, buzzing sound it flies up and in flight it unfolds its crimson hind wings. This is how it fends off predators.

Snarling grasshoppers are specialized for living conditions on wild rivers . They are considered indicators of free relocation routes.

On the Tyrolean Lech, the spotted snare-cricket finds one of the last habitats it needs to survive. Light gravel areas in the dry floodplain forest fringe are the areas where it is at home.

The grasshopper species recorded in the Lech Valley - Turk's thorn grasshopper(Tetrix tuerki) and the gravel bank grasshopper(Chorthippus pullus) are also endangered grasshopper species.

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