Spotted Snorkel

Habitat: Wild river LechDry riparian forestAuwälder
Class: Insects

Spotted Snorkel

buzzing noisered wings and it's gone again!
Anyone travelling through the Dry riparian forests along the Tiroler Lech can encounter it. You can see the Spotted Snorkel (Bryodemella tuberculata) only at second glance, that's how good it is with its grey-brown body colour camouflaged. But if you get too close to it, this species of terror shows what makes it special. It flies up with a loud, buzzing noise and unfurls its purple-red hind wings in flight. This is how it fends off predators.

The snoring insects are adapted to the living conditions Wild rivers specialised. They are regarded as indicators for free transfer routes.

On the Tyrolean Lech, the spotted grasshopper one of the last habitats it needs to survive. Light gravel areas in dry alluvial forest fringes are the areas where it is at home.

The grasshopper species recorded in the Lech Valley - Turkish spiny grasshopper (Tetrix tuerki) and the Gravel bank grasshopper (Chorthippus pullus) are also endangered terror species.

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