Little Ringed Plover

Habitat: Gravel and ballast banks
Class: Birds

Little Ringed Plover

You have to look closely to see it!
If something moves quickly and jerkily on the gravel banks of the Tiroler Lech and stops in place again and again, it could be the Little Ringed Plover (Charadrius dubius) in search of food. Well camouflaged, the sparrow-sized bird over the open gravel surfaces. Its Back is sandy brownthe abdomen, forehead and neck ring are snow white. The wide black collar and the yellow circles around the eyes are his trademark.

Between March and April, pairs of little ringed plovers return from their wintering grounds in Africa. They waste no time building their nests. In one shallow depression on bare gravel the female lays four eggs, which are perfectly camouflaged and barely noticeable to the eye.

The population of the little ringed plover is highly endangered!
Most little ringed plovers in Austria can be found on the Tyrolean Lech. Here, the little ringed plover still finds its (super)vital habitat, the open gravel banks. Therefore, please do not enter the gravel islands during the breeding season!

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