Well water

Habitat: Well water

Well water

Well water are small, slow-flowing tributaries of the Lech, which are fed by hillside waters. They flow along the valley floor until they flow into the Lech without any great difference in height. They are very important spawning waters for newts and other amphibians. Waterfowl, such as the mallard, use these valuable biotopes as nurseries and raise their chicks. Fish spawn in the quiet fountain waters and young fish remain here for some time before migrating to larger streams. During storms or floods, the Lech usually runs very brown through the valley - it brings a lot of suspended matter (= substances that are transported in flowing waters and kept in suspension. Grain diameter for Alpine rivers: 1 mm). In these cases, well waters are important refuges for fish, as they would suffocate in the Lech.


Typical species of the well water habitat

Grass frog

Alpine newt

Bilek's damselfly

Brook loach

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