Nature exhibition

The last savage


Why is the Lech so distinctive as far as Füssen?
Why is the Lech the last wild river in the northern Alpine region?

Solve the riddle by building your own river. Go on a journey through time and listen to the colorful Lech pebbles tell you their unique story. Leaf through a photo book about times long past and listen to eyewitness accounts. Take off into the airiest heights and feel free like a bird flying with ease over the expanses of the Tyrolean Lech Nature Park while enjoying the picturesque view. Marvel at the mighty singing power of the natterjack toad and listen to the call of the water bat. Or go on safari in the floodplain jungle and undertake a breathtaking search for tracks.


You can discover this and much more for yourself in the nature exhibition "The Last Savage". Let yourself be carried away by the dynamics of the nature exhibition and dive into the realm of the Last Savage daily from 10:00 to 17:00. For more information, please contact Burgenwelt Ehrenberg at T +43 5672 62007 or refer to the exhibition flyer.

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Exhibition venue

Nature exhibition "The last savage
Klause 1, 6600 Reutte
+43 5672 62007 (Ehrenberg Castle World)
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