Bird-Watching Tower and Pflacher Au Bird Trail

 "Important Bird Area"
2/3 of all breeding bird species stop by at the Pflach station!

If you climb the 18m-high bird-watching tower, you can look over the old arm of the Lech river, brooks, ponds, pondweeds belts and stagnant waters, all overgrown by a jungle of deadwood and shrubbery. There it is possible to discover an incredible variety of species on a small area.

In this unique bird paradise many species which are at home next to rivers, live next to each other here,  in the floodplains and in the settlement area, including moor and water birds which are rare in Tirol.

Would you like  to get to the floodplain jungle near Pflach and see the exceptional variety of birds? Then undertake a safari with a trained nature park guide. 


  • Best season:
    May - October

  • Start and finish:
    Car park at the IC Innovationszentrum in Pflach

  • Walking time:
    1 – 2 hours 

  • Tours:
    Loop trail 

  • Altitude difference:

  • Rest stops:
    Gasthof Schwanen in the village centre of Pflach,
    IC Café in the Innovationszentrum Pflach

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