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Riedener See – an Idyllic Gem

The Riedener See lake with its varied silting zones that contain a series of different moor locations, are a refuge for many endangered plant and animal species. In particular the appearance of a rare damselfly species, the Siberian Duet, raises the significance of this area.

A nature trail around the lake is lovely for admiring  the variety of nature. Many information units describe the specifics of this gem of nature in an understandable way. 

The loop trail is approx. 1km-log and there are no obstacles (barrier-free access).

Recharge on a hike around this dreamlike lake!


  • It rocks!
  • Flying gems
  • Inlet and outlet – is this possible?
  • A colourful society


  • Best season:
    Spring - autumn

  • Start and finish:
    Car park at the Riedener See

  • Walking time:
    0.5 hours

  • Tour:
    Loop trail
  • Altitude difference:

  • Rest stops:
    Naturparkwirt Gasthof Kreuz in Rieden

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