Wild River Landscape near Forchach

The Tiroler Lech is quite distinctive! It is the last wild river in the northern Alps and as the “last wild river” with largely natural dynamics it has large gravel banks. Arms of the river branch off and unite again. Stones from the side valleys are continuously shifted and transported along by the water of the river. The only consistent thing of this habitat is that it’s perpetually changing.

These endangered habitats and the neighbouring intact floodplains are especially precious and worth protecting. Botanical and zoological rarities increase the significance of the area. Maybe you can spot a German Tamarisk, a Bryodema Tuberculata grasshopper or even the “Bluatschink”, a figure from a local legend!

What is a wild river? Which specific animals and plants can be found in such a habitat? You want to know more about the centrepiece of the Tiroler Lech Nature Park? Then we would like to invite you to join our hike to the “Kingdom of the Last Wild “.

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