Lady’s Slipper Area in the Martinauer Au

“The shoe coming from the flower” – the shoe-shaped flower gave the plant its name. This orchid species is highly sensitive and likes half-shady floodplain forests. In Europe’s biggest connected lady’s slipper area, the Lech floodplains near Martinau, it settles on the calcareous gravel soil of the pine-dry-riparian forest, which permeates water. Because of the rich lady’s slipper population, this area is ranked as one of the most precious riparian forests in Central Europe. Stroll through the floodplains of the Lech near Marinau and marvel at it. Spectacular glowing lady’s slippers line a 450m-long network of trails. Not only botanists are delighted at this view!

Lady’s slippers are very sensitive and seriously endangered because of plundering and the destruction of its habitat. Which  is why we would like to ask all visitors to behaveresponsibly and be considerate to enable the preservation of this population.  
The Elmen-Pfafflar and Vorderhornbach mountain rescue teams look after this treasure during the flowering period (from mid-May to mid-June). 
Thank you!

Einfach schön – simply beautiful is the title of a short film by the Umweltdachverband GmbH. Get a first impression of the unique lady’s slipper area in the Marinauer Au. Enjoy watching the film!


  • Best season:
    Mid-May - mid-June

  • Start and finish:
    Car park at the lady's slipper area

  • Walking time:
    1 hour

  • Tour:
    Loop trail

  • Altitude difference:

  • Rest stops:
    Badino swimming bath (Vorderhornbach),
    Gasthof Kaiserkrone (Elmen),
    Cafe Treibholz (Elmen),
    LechZeit (Elmen)

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