The Celtic Tree Circle – Vils Tree Trail

2000 – 3000 years ago the Celtic tree calendar was created.

The Celts attributed specific features and powers to the different types of trees and placed  them in relation to humans.  

The Celtic tree circle in Vils consists of 22 different trees to which human characteristics are attributed.
With one’s date of birth one can find out which tree and character treats are allocated to oneself. A relationship between trees and humans has not yet been proven.

The Celtic tree circle and the Vils Tree Trail aim at increasing the knowledge about local trees in a playful way.

In immediate proximity to the Celtic tree circle is a viewing platform from where one has the opportunity to observe river-dwelling bird species at the Vils rivers.


  • Best season:
    Spring to autumn

  • Start and finish:
    Car park at the sports field in the town of Vils

  • Walking time:
    1 – 2 hours

  • Route:
    Loop trail – walk back to the road bridge across the Vils river – follow the Vils river upstream, continue to the Celtic tree circle and back;

  • Altitude gain: 0m 

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