1. 1. Willow-Tamarisk Shrubbery

Along  the upper course of the Lech river coarse sand and gravel are mostly deposited on  the banks. This type of ground can only store  very little water and although the water masses of the Lech are in immediate proximity, dryness is a characteristic of the riparian forests along the upper course of the Lech. Bitter and purple willows as well as dry-resistant willow species spread. The German tamarisk is a survivalist along the Tiroler Lech river. Considering the regular floodings, it has some decisive advantages compared to other plants. Its roots are wide and well-anchored, and its branches are flexible enough not be washed away during big floods.

Typical Species of Willow-Tamarisk Shrubbery

Deutsche TamariskeGerman Tamarisk
LavendelweideBitter Willow
PurpurweidePurple Willow

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