2. Dry Riparian Forest

On the bank terraces a dry winter-heath-pine-tree forest develops. It ranks among the most species-rich and colourful forest types in central Europe. Rare orchids, such as the fly orchid can be found there. When  the snow melts the seeds from mountain plants are from side brooks into the Lech. The climate of the pine wood plain is similar to the one on mountain summits – dryness, winds, high levels of UV-radiation, heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter mark both habitats. The seeds of these so-called river borne alpines bear fruit which means  one can find mountain avens, stemless gentians or  auricula along the Lech river.

Typical Species in Dry Floodplains

KieferPine trees
FliegenragwurzFly orchids
SilberwurzMountain avens
GrauerleGrey alders

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