Coloured Jura Limestones

At the same time as the Allgäu layers, the coloured Jura limestones or coloured threshold limestone emerged. 190 million years ago the coloured Jura limestones were formed at the higher located threshold areas of the Jurassic Ocean. Unlike in lower basins, only small amounts of  mud deposited at a depth of about 100 metres.

Coloured Jura limestones are red, greenish and white limestones. The red colour is due to the iron oxide haematite. This develops only if there is sufficient time on the seafloor for the iron of the mud to bond with the oxygen in the water.

Since the time of the Romans, the beautiful, coloured Jura limestones have been excavated  from numerous quarries and used as marble in many different ways (Lechtal Baroque, 18th century churches, castles). Once polished, the Jura limestones are beautiful gemstones.

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