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Gosau Formation

The Gosau strata contains the youngest rocks in the Lechtal Alps. They emerged during the Cretaceous period (90 million years). During the first mountain creation phase weathering had already started and worn the mountains. Smaller and bigger crushed pieces from different types of rock were compressed and compacted. These stones are allocated to the Gosau strata.

If one takes a closer look at a representative of the Gosau strata, one  might see a stone including all types of rock which are found in the Lechtal. If the broken bits are rounded, one refers to them as a conglomerate, if they are edgy they are referred to as breccia. If its parts are tiny, it is referred to as sandstone.

If the stones are polished in the Gosau strata, they turn into decorative gemstones. A reason why  they have been used in many buildings (castles and churches) in Tirol and Bavaria.

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