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The Tiroler Lech Nature Park is an extremely speciose area. It is a reserve for many endangered plants!

After the ice ages many plant species spread along the Lech river towards the Alps or Jura mountains. There is no other river landscape in the Northern Alps with such a central significance as a so-called “flora bridge” for the spreading of plants between the Alps and Jura mountains. The Lech river serves as spreading axis. The seeds of the plants are not only spread by the water, but also with the wind. Therefore it is possible for the plants to spread downstream and upstream, which enables the settlement of many plants. The interleaving with the riparian forests also contributes decisively to the variety of species, since many plants find suitable habitats there.

It is therefore not surprising that the floodplains are referred to as the “junge of Central Europe”. There is no other landscape type in Central Europe which is as varied and speciose! A third (1,116 species) of all plants in Tirol grow in the Tiroler Lech Nature Park. A third of these (392 species) are extremely precious and classified as endangered!


Marvel at the variety of orchids in the Tirolean Lechtal.

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Water-Dispersed Seeds

Seeds are dispersed by melting snow or mudslides. 

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Common Juniper

The healing powers of this plant have been known of for a very long time.

Common juniper
Mountain Pine

The mountain pine is often referred to as upright growing dwarf pine.

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