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Siberian Bluet

The Siberian bluet (Coenagrion hylas) is propably the rarest damselfly in Central Europe! It is strictly protected and the heraldic animal of the Tiroler Lech Nature Park!

Coloured in a delicate blue-black it can be distinguished  from other species by a wide, black stripe at the sides of its abdomen. From 3:00 p.m. onwards the Siberian bluet takes a break and moves  into the mountain forests. There it finds plenty to eat and proves to be an excellent hunter. Only if the weather is nice and flying conditions are good  can it be observed from mid-May to early August.

The Siberian bluet settles at clear mountain lakes with a cold feeder and an outlet. It prefers to settle in shallow areas on  the shores which are overgrown by sedges and horsetails.

It is predominantly found in Eastern Siberia, which is  where it got its name from. In the Alps, approximately 8,000km away, it has found its second home in Austria and  in particular in the area of the Riedener See lake.

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