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Thanks to their appealing looks, woodpeckers are among the most attractive foresters. With their striking reverberatory drumming and the marks of their work on the trees (pecking and building), they are easily identified by observers.  Some protected woodpecker species are at home here in the Tiroler Lech Nature Park.

The three-toed woodpecker,as well as the black and grey-headed woodpecker, are listed in appendix 1 of the Bird Conservation Guidelines (guideline 2001/147/EG of the European Parliament and the European Council of 30 November 2009 on the conservation of wild bird species).

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Three-Toed Woodpecker

The three-toed woodpecker is a character species in subalpine spruce forests.

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Black Woodpecker

The crow-sized black woodpecker is the biggest European woodpecker species in the Tiroler Lech Nature Park. 

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Grey-Faced Woodpecker

This species is smaller than a jaybird and likes to live in old deciduous forests.

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