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Little Ringed Plover

One needs to look really closely to see it!
If you see something moving along the gravel banks of the Lech river swiftly and jerkily and stopping briefly from time to time, it might be a little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius), looking for food. Well camouflaged, this sparrow-sized bird scurries across the open gravel areas. Its back is sandy-brown, the tummy, the forehead and the ringed neck are snow-white. The wide, black neckband and the yellow eye-ring are its specific features.

Between March and April the little ringed plovers return from their winter domicile in Africa. They don’t waste any time for nest-building. The females lay four eggs into a flat depression on the gravel.  They are perfectly masked and therefore, hardly visible at all.

The little red plover is an acutely endangered species!
Most little red plovers in Austria are found at the Tiroler Lech river. There the birds find the habitat they need for surviving, namely the open gravel banks. That is why we ask you not to enter the gravel banks during the breeding season!

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