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Natterjack Toad

A bright line down the middle of its back is the specific feature of this toad. One can also identify them easily by watching them move – natterjack toads (Epidalea calamita) don’t jump, because their legs are too short. Like mice, they scurry across the floor. Their lemon yellow eyes with horizontally-oval pupils are quite distinctive. They come out of their hiding places only in dusk and during the night. From May onwards is its mating season – then one can hear their nattering from far away (several hundred metres).

At the Tiroler Lech wild river the natterjack toad lives mostly in smaller waters, puddles and ruts in the sparse riparian forests. There it can find its only natural habitat. It also lives in gravel pits and quarries when it cannot find natural locations at unregulated dynamic rivers with open, sandy areas.

Natterjack toads are acutely endangered! That is why the Tiroler Lech Nature Park has launched a species conservatoin project.

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