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Discovering Nature

Licca –  fast flowing – is the name the Celts gave the Lech wild river. On the Tirolean side the name is still applicable  today and the river marks the valley’s appearance.
Thanks to the Lech’s natural course, the characteristic landscape  and biocoenoses of a wild river have evolved:: stretches with shifted stones, gravel and crushed rock banks,  the wide riparian forests of Weichholzau and Grauerlenau and the dry Kiefernau  all edge the wild river.

Rivers without linings have become a rarity – river engineering, regulation and power plant buildings have forced almost all central European rivers into artificial beds and destroyed wild river landscapes. Which  is why the typical habitats of the Lech wild river landscape are among the most endangered landscape types in central Europe. They are of international importance and therefore subject of protection in the Tiroler Lech Nature Park.

In particular, the animals and plants which have adapted to these habitats have now become extremely rare. These massively endangered animal and plant communities make this landscape so precious.


From meagre to lush, from dry to wet – opposites attract!

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